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    Anyone with Logitech download ghub it the new Logitech software the old software doesn’t work for the game anymore for some reason
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    Same problem here, Logitech headphones. If i play on speakers all souds are there. EL_SOLDADO_GER fix worked for me.
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    Hello all,
    So i have the same issue whit G933 when I use the driver of the headphones the fps is drop to 30 and no sound in game when i remove the driver and use speakers no issues.
    I connect the headphones whit cable to the speakers and the G933 is working BUT the micropfone is working 2 ore 3 minets and have to restart the head phones ore the maic.
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    Yes. Please remove it from the usb adapter and plug it directly on to the headphone jack. It should work fine.
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    G933 here, having the same issues. Can't even get out of the tutorial area. Soon as there's an explosion, my game hardlocks, also having zero sound. The betas and alphas were working just fine for it...
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    So I just found a solution for this very annoying bug.

    The game decides it's a good idea to change the dialogue language everytime you login back to your regional language.

    To avoid that, navigate to your Documents -> My Games -> The Division 2 and edit the 2 files persistent_settings.cfg and state.cfg

    Changes you have to make in persistent_settings.cfg:

    set the "BD" value to 0 (was 76 for me default)

    save the file and mark it read-only (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

    Changes you have to make in state.cfg:

    Scroll down to localization and enter another 0 for "spokenLanguage"

    Also save the file and mark it read-only.
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    its not work
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    I have a G633 headset and it worked for me to disable ingame chat completely
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    Logitech 633 Headset

    I'm having the same issues as everyone else; sounds cuts out and the game randomly crashes at character creation. Unplugging my Logitech 633 headphones immediately solves all of the issues and I'm having to use another non-USB audio device in the meantime. This didn't happen at all during the private, technical, or open betas as everything ran very well right out of the gate.The other solutions such as disabling the Logitech software, closing services, updating to Ghub, disabling overlays, etc. haven't done anything to resolve the issues.
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    No Sound Issue

    Originally Posted by TTVORIGYN Go to original post
    yes having same problem using logitec g533 headset
    I use the Logitech G430s and no audio unless alt tabbed.
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