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    Assassins creed 4 true remaster or sequel

    Am I the only one who would gladly shovel $60+ to Ubisoft for a true Assassins Creed 4 remake? Or even a sequel continuing Edwards story as a master Assassin The Caribbean. Imagine a remake using the odyssey formula. New combat and movement systems. No load time between the different stops where you take your ship get of and out anywhere. I understand this is highly unlikely considering Skull and Bones, but it seems like most peopleís reserves on that game is that it is a full game that features only half of what Black Flag offered (naval plus ground gameplay) using previous assets from other titles I donít think keeping this chapter of the AC franchise alive would be a difficult task at all. It would surely be quite lucrative too which of course developers do care about. Iím exited for Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Ubisoft is one of those developers with so much potential and talent! I love AC4. The story, the gameplay, and the life it brings right out of your screen! But has time goes on it becomes more and more outdated, and the world, characters, and stories are some that Iím far from being through with. Am I The only one who feels this way?
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    I would shell out money just for an update lol.. Greatest Assassins creed game to date imo.. I would gladly pay for a full remastered version on the One X.. With all the games getting remastered for the new consoles and 4k gaming I have no idea why Black Flag isnt getting it.. Makes no sense..
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