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    Anyone else having problem with the year 4 pass?

    Im currently having trubble with the content thts supposed to come with the year 4 pass. I purchased it in the beginning of january and now that the update has come out i was expecting to have emediate access to the new operator, but i dont. Im now wondering if anyone else is having issues like this.
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    Ubisoft fix your **** cuz its ****ing annoying

    So as the new update came out where if ur inactive for 30 secs after the round officially starts it kicks you which is alright but whats ****ing dumb as hell is when i try to rejoin back into my rank game i got kicked out of IT PUTS ME INTO A NEW ****ING GAME THEN ENXT THING YOU KNOW I LOSE ELO FOR **** I DIDNT EVEN DO CUZ THIS ******* GAME DECIDED TO PUT ME INTO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GAME INSTEAD OF THE ONE I WAS ALREADY IN AND IT DIDNT JUST HAPPEN ONCE OR TWICE IT HAPPENED 4 ******* TIMES
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