Greetings Dancers!

First of all, we’d like to take the time to thank you all for reporting on the issues impacting the Just Dance World Dance Floor. Reports from you help us to improve the game and create an even better experience for you, our players. We have an update on the work we have been doing to fix these issues that we’d like to share with you today.

Issues we are aware of:
  • Score Hacking
    • The score hacking only allows them to send the fake scores. We have seen concerns that this could also allow them to see a player’s IP address. We have confirmed this is not the case, and all of our players’ information remains safe.
    • The score hacking only impacts the World Dance Floor and Leaderboards.
    • Consoles are only able to contact our servers, there is no direct link to other consoles, therefore any personal information on your console also remains safe.
  • WDF Disconnection Issues
    • Players are being kicked out of the World Dance Floor.
  • WDF Random Issues
    • We have detected a server-side issue that happens when the server isn’t able to download a particular song choice in time, so it uses one it already has on hand as a fallback (i.e. Vote is between Song A & Song B, but server can’t receive info for either, so it plays Song C instead).
    • Abrupt Event Changes
  • Missing JDU Songs
    • This is happening when the connection to the server is too weak for the game to download JDU data. The game doesn’t currently display that this connection error is happening.

What’s the Plan
  • We will have an update in the next month to fix:
    • All Hacks
    • Connectivity Issues
    • JDU Disappearing Songs
      • Game will be more resilient to user connection issues ; it will be able to download JDU catalogue even if the connection is not optimal.
      • In case the song catalog download still fails, the game will notify the user of the connection issues causing the failure.
  • Weekly Server-side fixes:
    • WDF Random Issues
      • WDF Song Voting Errors
      • Abrupt WDF Event Changes
    • Other various server-side issues found during investigation process
    • This Friday (March 7), wil push our first server-side fix to prevent connection issues who join the WDF during a team battle.