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    The Division 2 Open Beta Survey


    Thank you for playing in the Open Beta! We are eager to hear your feedback and thoughts here on the forums and other channels.

    For those willing to give us 5 more minutes of their time, please respond to this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9V9JBLK

    Until next time!
    / The Division 2 Team
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    Thanks for the two opportunities to explore D.C. and test the game. I cannot wait to see more of my hometown and how you all represent it. Through both betas I put in 60+ hours of gameplay. I cannot wait to jump back in at midnight on the 12th. Keep up the outstanding work.
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    I’d really like it if you guys could let all the gold/ultimate edition and the beta bonus guns to offer skin (if they don’t already). I want to have cosmetics other than clothing looking like what I paid/was there for, instead of having to retire them due to power creep.
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    Servers in sound drops

    Yes I was getting poor server notification and my Down Load and upload speed were fine when I tested my connection this my concern is at the servers are going to crash upon release and there was a sound drop when I was firing guns I figured Youmy would like to know about this.
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    Thanks for letting me participate in the beta I was having a blast!
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    It was difficult to give a proper reply in first half of the survey since it my experience was more nuanced than the reply option were designed for.
    Other than I'm really hyped over the launch of The Division 2
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