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    2 Locked Achievements...what do I do?

    Okay, so herein lies my issues. The 2 achieves I need are Expert Wenja and Crush your enemies.

    Expert Wenja- I have all of the skills unlocked, however I never received the achievement. If memory serves, I did this offline over a year or better, so it should have unlocked by now. I can't get a hold of an actual person through Microsoft to have them verify this fact. Is there a way to remedy this without starting over?

    Crush Your Enemies- I am at the point where the only things left to do are Search and Rescue orange missions and Beast missions. I have no Tribal Clash missions to do. Like above, I used to play this game primarily offline due to lack of internet at the time. I am assuming since there are none to be found, I have completed these without getting the achievement. I have finished up a few lacking achievements since returning to the game, partly hoping it would trigger the others to unlock as well but no luck.

    Any help or solutions guys? Thanks!
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    Are you connected to Xbox Live? I'm not sure what you tried, so I have to start from the start. A good first step is to unplug your Xbox from the power for two minutes and then plug it back in. Then go into the game while connected to Xbox Live.
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    This has been done since the time I completed these OVER a year ago or more. And I am connected to live. I have recently went through and unlocked a few I hadn't gotten before and noticed those two were left, which are already completed.
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