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    Ubisoft rewards for finishing campaign are still locked despite completing campaign

    Hello. The sin eater and the rook outfit are still locked. I have completed the entire campaign including outposts and expeditions. My psn is NebulaEnema. The only achievement i have left is having all ubisoft club rewards. Help please. Thanks
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    Did you complete FC5 on the same system you are playing FCND?

    There were reports that the rewards do not unlock if you have played FC5 on, let's say, Xbox and then play FCND on another system (e.g. PS4 or PC), even if you use the same Uplay account.
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    Different system

    Yes u r right. I played far cry 5 on xbox. Am playing new dawn on ps4. Is this something that is being worked on or am i out of luck?
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    Well, when the problem was first reported on these forums, the Mods somehow fixed it for a few players.
    However, since there were many players in the same situation, I think the Mods said that you should create a ticket on the Support website.
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    Let me know if going to the following website using the platform you completed FC5 on in the URL helps with unlocking this reward: https://club.ubisoft.com/en-CA/game/.../xbox/overview
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