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    Bali Blast Duel Impossible Match Glitch, Stuck

    On Bali Blast Duel, I face a guy called Ne0Kr0me. He disappears about 3/4th of the way into the match. I put up a blazing fast maximum platinum time, yet it still says I lose. I have gold or platinum on every single match available yet it will not allow me to get to the Hard tracks because of this glitch. It even shows that I have platinum on this track, yet it always says I lose and cannot go farther. Please Reply.
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    Same here.

    Been smashing the track time after time. Still saying I lost. Tried all the suggestion from the support email I got.
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    Hey guys, would you mind grabbing a video if possible of the specific tracks and your times?
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    Already sent videos. Ne0kr0me was top of the leaderboard now it's someone with 5 faults. Replays are not working. Both have that ubisoft swirl before their name.
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    Its a different guy now, but the same problem

    The guy I face now is called NEMO4X and he is currently number 1 on the leaderboard with 5 faults. The previous guy is number 2 now. NEMO4X disappears after the 2nd jump. I took some screenshots and put them on Imgur with descriptions.
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    Imgur Link to screenshots

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    Thanks for the report.

    I'll pass this over to the team for investigation.
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    So I've turned the cross platform option off and that's got rid of the glitched ghost..... Still does not sort out why you have to beat number one in the world to complete a medium level track... This happining on at least 4 duel tracks.
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    To be honest, I have owned every iteration of Trials, except for the very early PC edition. And every game has glitched leaderboards, because people will always find ways to glitch the code, just to get that elusive No. 1 slot. Sad, but true.

    I own Trials HD, Evolution and Fusion on Xbox platforms, and Trials Evolution - Gold Edition, Fusion, Blood Dragon and Rising on PC, and the leaderboards have been glitched on every game on all platforms.

    As to having to beat No 1 in a duel match, that is definitely a glitch, and should never happen.
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