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    Sane's FPS Tutorial Series Part 1 - 3

    Part 1 Will Cover The Basics Of FPS / FPE Building | Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU5yMmy_N58&t=1172s
    Bog's FPS Fusion Tutorial Parts + Shogun's RedLynx Evo Editor Tutorials & Swamp's RedLynx Rising Editor Tutorials Also Linked In The Description Of Each Video !
    Part 2 Will Cover Gravity Velocity Systems & Triple Jump Systems Tied With Gravity System | Link In A Reply :
    Part 3 Will Cover Footsteps Sounds to be off when in the air + A sound event for each jump + a ground sound fall event + And Plus a Lazy Emitter Gun Shooting System That I rage a little at | Link In A Reply : Parts 2 & 3 Will Have Enhanced Mic Quality it may differ at times, but I always adjust it back !
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    Last Part Of FPS Tutorial Part 4 | To FIX Part 3 which to be honest wasn't good at all the the end with the lazy emitter gun, So I use my advanced Metroid FPS Logic To End it off Like A Beam Gun with 3 elements Beam | Fire | Lightning + Swap & Shoot, Plus Extras Logic like | Custom FOV Zooming x3 | Custom Cutscene Camera Events | Ammo Types Link to 3 different doors | Menu Codes + Resizeable Menus | Visor Modes Camera Events | AI Movements With New Tool Looping AI Flying Shoutout to JolanXBL for the help | A 3D Portal Respawns System | Part 4 Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ke0VyfOGqY&t=73s
    My Trials Fusion FPS / FPE Guide(One Video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErxQmgvbz4s&t=1418s
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    I Like the thread buddy
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