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    Interval Trigger !

    Tried to input numbers to break this down
    From .016 to .001 but didn't seem to work !
    Is there any way to speed this up ?
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    I think .016 is one game tick. Do you need more to happen within one tick?
    What are you trying to achieve?
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    .016 is like taking 60 pictures per second
    Which is noticeable at higher rates of speed if you could break this down further I believe it would run smoother but would probably cause frame rate issues with the game !
    I think that might be why there's a path finder event now in editor !
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    Oops, I think I misspoke in the previous post.
    What I meant to say was I think the .016 is the length of one frame at 60 frames per second, and since most have their refresh rate at 60fps anything that happens within that .016 wouldn't be seen until the next frame/buffer swap anyway. However, like you say, more calculations within that time should make some things appear smoother in the game. (Sorry 'bout that, DST time shift is still messing with my sleep).
    (.016 should be the length of time each frame is displayed on screen, thus one game tick.) Does that sound correct?
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    I was thinking about it a little differently but yeah that sound about right
    Thank you MadMotoMan for the feedback !
    I'm kinda right back where I started but makes a little more sense as to why it is .016 which honestly I'm OK with !
    I like the fact that I'm even able to be an editor and create my own crazy tracks ( built a few for Trials HD and Evolution )
    I'm actually working on a ( in my opinion ) a really cool space track !
    Hopefully it doesn't randomly disappear in my editor again ! I've lost 3 nice tracks I had saved and they all got bugged !
    Anyways any more feedback about this thread is welcome 😀
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    It's always a bummer to lose work.
    I might go a little far with this, but when it comes to creating tracks I actually have three track files I work with...
    ~ I have one called 0-Editing that I save to every 15 minutes or so, or right after adding some detailed logic. Naming it 0-Editing puts it at the top of the list so when I hit save it is the one pointed to by default making it easy to not accidentally overwrite a previous track.
    ~ then at the end of an editing session I save to the file with the actual track title which has two versions I alternate saving to.
    It may seem like overdoing it but it takes no more time really and I've got more than one version I can fall back to if things go all haywire.

    I look forward to seeing what you create. I love that you can really get creative with this editor.
    I'm always looking for help with something and always willing to help with what I can. (Still got a lot to learn though)
    I'd love to see more people jump into these help forums with tips and helpful advice. Even hearing things we already know might help someone else who doesn't right?
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    Yeah I also have a few edit saves I can load into that I set up .
    What had happened to my track I believe this game had a bug and was not overwritten but corrupted file it even froze and kicked me out of game when I went back all 6 different saves for same track were gone this happened a few times where I lost some but not all my tracks !
    I noticed others encountered the same problem so I basically had to stop making track which was a big let down for me !
    And yes it is nice to hear something I might already know or even put into a different perspective !
    Practice makes Perfect .
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    Wow, that really stinks man.
    I started copying the save folder to another drive every few day and after finishing a track, just to have a backup in another location.
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    Yeah I also bought external HD for backups and my Xbox one games to downsize my internal storage !
    Good Idea!
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    I make a new save every time so if i mess something up or it gets corrupted there's a recent uncorrupted version. I start by naming it "atrackname" 9z, then keep changing the end, 9y, 9x, backwards through the alphabet then 8z and so on to keep the newest one on top
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