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    Random Crashing: Easy Anti Cheat and Tobii EyeX

    As a Tobii EyeX eye tracker user I have been experiencing random crashes which usually terminate the game with popup error below:

    This has been experienced on both the Division 2 Private Beta as well as the Technical Test. Doesn't seem to matter what I am doing at the time in the game as it does it when I'm standing around idle, while running, or while in cover in combat.

    I should also add this is on the latest Tobii Eye Tracking software version and latest Tobii Eye Tracker HID driver version 1.9.862.0. Running on Win10 Pro x64, 1809 build 17763.316. I did a search and didn't see any other listings referencing 'Tobii' so assuming maybe I'm the first EyeX user to report this. I can confirm EyeX tracking is working properly in the game before any of the crashes occur: parallax when glancing around the scene, eye gaze to cover, etc. are all working great as expected. Not sure if Easy Anti Cheat just doesn't have the Tobii EyeX components integrated properly or somehow EyeX is triggering it to think something is happening that shouldn't? Not sure since that's more a developer question but just wanted to make sure this gets addressed as it's extremely frustrating to have the game suddenly crash without warning because of this.

    If any more info is needed to help diagnose this issue please let me know.
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    Hey AgentKelleher,

    Can you try the steps in this FAQ and let me know if it still triggers the crash?

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    Tried everything in that article and can confirm this behavior still exists. Looks like it's something between EAC and Tobii EyeX.
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    Still getting this same behavior in the Public Beta:

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