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    We are in 2021 and wtill we cannot play Anno1404 as multiplayer. Congratulaitons Ubi

    Still i'm facing with authentication problem. I entered the password but it didn't accept. What should i do for playing this game.
    Someone else can kelp me please? Ubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii are you there ?????
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    You using the same password you are using here ? It has to be the same user & password that you user here. Plus don't add the email at the end.

    User: dmdilks
    Password: XXXXXXXXX
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    It’s also not working for me.
    Im using my username: londolo1 and my password, but it’s not working out
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    Ubi-Milky's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Jun 2020
    Hello londolo1, thanks for posting. If you have ever changed you Ubisoft username, this could be the issue preventing you signing into your online profile for Anno 1404.

    Could you please try every step in this guide then get back to us, to let us know if this has resolved your issue? -
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