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    Hello Again - I Tracked You Down, Finally !

    BigBow made me liveries and gifted me cars for Forza years ago on the Xbox 360 when I was Gabe62.

    He also trashes me on Trials, constantly, and then tells me it was actually his 12 yr old kid !

    Are you guys still on the consoles or have you finally got a PC ?

    I'm pretty much PC based nowadays.

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    Mar 2014
    Hey Gabe,

    Long time no see buddy ! The good ole Forza dsys. I remember them well 😆

    Glad you are ok and dropped in for a visit !

    Most of the gang is XBONE & PS4 !

    Feel free to stop in and post anytime or main thread is the just getting

    started 2015 thread so if you want you can post in there....and if you do

    get an Xbox send me a follow or FR.


    Thanx again for the visit hope you come back soon 😎
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    Amazed you remembered me.

    Yes, I absconded over to the dark side - PC gaming.

    Not as good for social stuff, but I was seduced by the power of PCs and was always into flight simming, so thought I would switch completely... especially when they got so ridiculously powerful !

    Anyhow, I believe leaderboards in Trials Rising are going to be cross-platform, so if possible I'll see if friend requests can be sent, and ghosts etc., If so will make contact. Always enjoyed being whooped by your (probably not so young now) sprogs !

    Cheers for now.
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