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    [PS4 PRO VR] First troubles

    I'm french so sorry for my english.

    At first, thank you for letting me try this game, i will play more this evening but for the moment i had 2 troubles:

    1- At the end of the tutorial just after giving me my score, the game stop, i've had to quit and relaunch.

    2-When playing in game after dying, i couldn't select any weapon, cannot see my "hands" and had to wait some moment to see it appears again.

    One thing i can tell is that this game can be quite fun, but i hope that it will be possible to chose "smooth" turn or analog turn with the right stick instead of "angle" turns, would be very much more pleasant to play.

    Will try again tonight! See you .
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    Hello! Please post things related to the test here:


    This is where Test staff will look to see what issues are popping up.

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