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    Known Issue: No enemies spawning during the first fight


    Update: Logging in and out to character selection screen should fix this issue. We are working on a permanent fix.

    Original thread:
    We are aware of an issue where no enemies appear during the first fight outside the White House. If that happens to you, in order to progress you will need to enter the White House, go up the stairs and open the door to trigger the cutscene. After that you can progress normally.

    Find this door upstairs:

    Thank you for your patience!

    /The Division 2 team
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    Logging in and out - back to character selection and back in again - should fix the issue with the missing NPCs! We are working on a permanent fix. Thank you!
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    Error Mike-01

    Hi, I am sorry but the Errorcode Mike-01 keeps me too often from playing the Open Beta!

    Could you please inform the technical department of very poor playing experience due to that problem!

    And also the Open Beta freezes way too often and during freeze you get killed without having the chance to do Anything!
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    Hi, another Errorcode that keeps me off playing!

    I don`t like that! Whould you please fiind a way to run the servers stable!
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