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    Bug/Issues List

    Thank you for a good game. However there are some bugs/issues:
    • Multiple occasions I've fallen through the world by opening a parachute close to the ground
    • The subtitles OFF setting wont save and reverts after game restart
    • AI alert awareness seems very unbalanced when trying to do stealth against tier 3 enemies in outposts. I appreciate its meant to be hard but the detection and instant everyone knows exactly where you are seems very frustrating and unfair.
    • On xbox one x in 4k with HDR there is a grainy effect to the sky at times
    • The ui menu for ammo, crafting, inventory etc flashes to show there are new items, but it still flashes when there isnt
    • It would be great to have another ui option where by mission world markers are separate from all the other world markers. Its very much all or nothing. Also, and/or could we have objective and map place markers added to the compass as an option.
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    Hey there KingDazza!

    Could you grab a video of the first one, where you fall through the ground when you open a parachute close to the ground? Thanks!

    The dev teams are aware that the subtitles are being stubborn about staying off, we're looking to resolve it in a future content update but thanks for the report!

    We really appreciate the feedback for the AI, it's something I can definitely pass across!

    Could you take a screenshot of the grainy sky you mention whenever it happens to pop up next?

    Same for the UI menu, could you get a video showing this in action just so we're all on the same page?

    Thanks so much for all of the feedback, and the bug reports
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