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    A few change requests for couch MP

    I have played the couch MP a lot in Trials Fusion and it was very good.
    After playing the couch MP in Trials Rising I have a few change requests;

    Preferred changes;
    - Make the point of view overall a bit closer, the rider in 4th position is hard to see (because of obstruction and size).
    - In Trials Fusion the position of every rider changed after a track change, which is perfect. In Trials Rising the position stays the same every race.
    The person in 4th place (and even 3th) are therefore in a disadvantage.
    - Put in a checkbox for enabling "bail out finish" ... this made it more fun in Fusion.

    - I noticed that if you are well in front the player in first can ride off the screen on the right. Which can cause undeserved crashes.


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    Not sure if this has changed since you posted it. But if you hover over a track you’re about to do, you can change the settings for each individual track. HOWEVER, I feel as though some settings should just apply to all the tracks, like bail out finish.
    And I want to PLUS 1 to your request for randomising the position people are on the track. It gives player 1 too much of an advantage! And player 4 seems so far away too..
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    If all lanes are the same can't each player see their own bike in lane one and the others in 2,3 & 4?
    I mean it's just a matter of changing the displayed position right? Or am I missing something?
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    Well the person in lane 4 has a disadvantage because they are further away and sometimes their view is obstructed. They had it right with ‘Fusion’, everyone’s position randomly changes with each track.
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    Oops, I guess I said that wrong. What I meant is, seems they should be able write the game software to show each player on their own screen being in lane one so it's easier to see. So each player sees their bike in lane one. I mean if every lane drives the same, the way they are displayed on individual player's screens doesn't have to be the same.
    So each player sees their own bike in lane one but other players see you in the other lanes.
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    Ah crap, I just realized you're probably talking about playing on one screen, not online. I'll slap myself later for that.
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