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    Can't see friends leaderboard on other platforms?

    I have the Xbox version and a friend for example has the Switch version.

    We both have each other added as friends via Ubisoft Club app.

    Anyway to make it so we can see each others leaderboards that way?

    Would be greatly appreciated.
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    Same problem

    I have the same problem

    My friend is on xbox and I am on PC, we both are friends on the Uplay but when in game we can't see each other...
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    Unfortunately you can't compare your profile/progress with them The "cross-0platform" part they're advertising is nothing more than all leaderboard times in one space and track-/part-/clothsharing. Cross-platform friends isn't one of them..
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    This would be a very welcomed feature and kind of what I was expecting in the first place.
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    Cross-Platform allows you to play Custom Tracks built by Creators on other Systems like lu3mm3l was saying.
    I didn't expect as much as you...
    but I too would definently Welcome that in the Future !
    I sometimes get confused with Uplay and Ubisoft Connect - how it works when adding friends!
    Anyways Good Day
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    Yea, the Game should allow friends/friending rather than relying on Uplay or Steam for it. I can race against a replay of someone not in my friends even when I can't add them officially as a friend.
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    I am a developer and I would like to develop an application that would allow us to know the scores of our friends on all platforms.
    To do this I would need to access the API of the game, the one that provides the leaderboard data, but this one is not public, so I'm in a dead end.
    Would you have a solution for me? I think that such an application could be beneficial to the community.
    This application could be developed on android and would be downloadable on the playstore
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