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    Key Mapping : Z key

    Z key: target mark function & countdown function for 5 seconds

    Please change to the same specification as Division1.
    I effectively used manual marking with this Z key. It is a very convenient function.

    Why did Division 1's useful function be scraped off with Division 2.....xD
    liminating this function means that the meaning / convenience of ISAC is poor in battlefield.
    I'd like Division 2 to inherit the functionality that exists in Division 1.
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    For Division 1, manual spot is possible so the speed of marking is quick.

    We request the following function restoration.
    1. Z key : Manual mark target
    2. Z key hold : 5 second countdown
    3. Like Division1, leave a symbol showing the type of enemies marked
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    In addition, a video of a bug in sound.
    In the open beta test, the bug of sound was hardly improved, and it had relapsed many times.


    I think it would be better to show it directly to the programmer / engineer and grasp the current situation.
    Sound bugs are sometimes generated even with Division 1.
    In other words, programmers / engineers may not understand the cause of the problem.

    etc.. https://clips.twitch.tv/NastyKindDillRaccAttack
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