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    Special Operation 4 Highlights

    On February 27, our last update of Year 2 will be released: Special Operation 4.

    Free PvE Mode: Guerrilla

    Test your endurance with our brand new PvE mode: Guerrilla. In Guerrilla Mode you and up to 3 friends will face waves of Cartel and Unidad members.

    You will earn XP, Tier points, and Prestige Credits for completing waves. Completing all 25 waves for the first time will also grant you an exclusive gear set.

    For more information about Guerrilla Mode, head to our Developer Q&A here.

    Community Requested Features

    Time of Day Setting – Solo Campaign

    You will now be able to choose your time of day via a new setting available for solo campaign and solo Ghost Mode.

    Once you choose your selected time of day from the menu, you will re-deploy to the nearest spawn point.

    Custom Match Browser in Ghost War

    You will now be able to set your own criteria to filter matches based.


    The compass from Ghost War will now be a HUD option for all PvE modes.

    Ghost War

    New Class

    Special Operation 4 will contain one new class.


    The Sapper is a new Support class option that deploys a specialized drone that shoots "concussion" mines. These mines drain stamina from players and suppresses them, slowing down their rush.

    New Maps

    Gas Station


    Year 2 Pass

    Year 2 Pass holders will get the Active Duty pack free with Special Operation 4. Year 2 Pass holders will also get one week early access and an instant unlock to the new Ghost War class for one week starting on February 27.

    Battle Crates

    All voice lines have been removed from Battle Crates and moved to Prestige Crates. We are also moving a selection of emotes to the Prestige Crates.

    Thirty new items will be added to the Battle Crates. See a full list here.

    Prestige Crates

    The drop rates for items in the Prestige Crates have been modified to be more generous with items of higher rarity.

    Ubisoft Club – Year 2 Anniversary Pack

    If you have played Wildlands between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, you are eligible to unlock the Year 2 Anniversary Items in the Ubisoft Club starting from March 7, 2019.


    We are moving from Challenge Seasons to a selection of Daily Challenges (three solo, one Task Force, and one Community Challenge) with increased Prestige Credit rewards.


    We are introducing a new Heatmap View to your TacMap. Using this view, you will be able to see the most visited locations in the Wildlands and perhaps discover some you’ve never visited before.

    For more details about Special Operation 4, check our Patch Notes.
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    Division audio recordings from the patch notes?!? This whole "Clancy-verse" is so screwed up. There just is no canon shared between the different Clancy games. For example, in the 2013 Splinter cell conviction/blacklist story the president is a woman. Simultaneously, in GRAW 2013 the president is a man named Ballentine. Which is it? The Division is obviously not sharing a timeline with the other games so why put audio recordings in wildlands?? It doesn't make sense as anything other than a "fourth wall breaking" easter egg. Hell, Sam Fisher somehow exists in Far Cry New Dawn as well now so I guess over arching canon is not an Ubisoft objective.

    Don't get me wrong, I loves me some easter eggs and the pliability of the Clancy-verse to be whatever Ubi wants to make. However, stuff like these audio recordings will confuse people new to the Clancy-verse, making them think they are directly connected when obviously they aren't.

    PS: new patch looks good.
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    Thanks for the info Ubi-Alien, looking forward to access all this new stuff
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    Guess I was right about them adding 500 new emotes and 500 new voicelines then. :P
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