Greetings Riders!

This thread will include a list of known issues along with information on the status of a fix. This is not an exhaustive list of all issues players may encounter. If you are experiencing an issue not covered on this list please contactUbisoft Support or leave a report on the support board for your platform.

Fixed - The issue has been fixed and the fix has been deployed to the live game

Fixed for next patch - The team has identified the problem and created a fix that is planned to be included in the next patch

Working on a fix - The team has identified the problem but a fix is still in progress and an ETA for deployment is not currently known.

Investigating - The team is investigating the issue but have not yet been able to determine the cause of the issue. This could be because the issue is rare or difficult to reproduce. It could also mean that there are higher priority issues being worked on by the team responsible.

Our last patch released on Monday Sept. 9th. Check the Patch Notes for a complete list of changes. The next patch is currently in progress and expected to release in early November.

Current known issues are listed below along with their statuses:

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Some players did not receive the Chicken helmet after finding all 10 Easter event collectibles

Status: Fixed*
*compensation complete, if you are still missing your chicken helmet please contact Ubisoft Support

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Some players stop receiving Gear Crates for leveling up once reaching a high level.

Status: Fixed*
*If you are still not receiving Gear Crates for levelling after June 21st please contact Ubisoft Support

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Some players do not receive Trials Coins after completing a race or contract

Status: Fixed*
*If you are still experiencing this issue please contact Ubisoft Support

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Challenger Contracts do not appear on the world map for some players

Status: Fixed*
*If you are still experiencing issues with Challenger Contracts please contact Ubisoft Support

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Track Central Favorites filter cannot display more than 60 tracks

Status: Fixed

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Leaderboards have impossible times

Status: Ongoing
Leaderboard clean-up will be an ongoing process

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Players may get an error message when attempting to accept a Challenger Contract

Status: Working on a fix

  • [PC] Players using the latest AMD drivers (19.12.2) may experience fog rendering too close to the camera in menus and some tracks
    Status: Investigating

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Rodeo skill game UI displays a personal best score below the players best score (leaderboard entry is unaffected)

Status: Investigating

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Distance Ridden stats can be displayed incorrectly on the Player Profile

Status: Investigating

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Purchased or earned items can disappear from a player’s inventory

Status: Investigating

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] General frame rate drops, stutters & freezes

Status: Investigating

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] There can be a delay between when a player earns a Gear Crate and when it appears in their inventory

Status: Investigating

  • [ALL PLATFORMS] When completing ninja tracks, the times may not save to the leaderboard.

Status: Investigating