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    [PS4] Equipped items get stuck loading

    This has happened to me quite a lot where I have customised an item and have it equipped and then randomly the item gets stuck permanently loading and I lose all customisation on it.
    I have a picture here to show what I mean https://i.redd.it/b417ip66nhi21.jpg
    It gets stuck with that yellow wheel on it and I cant do anything with it except unequip it and that doesn't fix the problem, it even stays after I reset the game or PS4 then it might randomly go away or move on to something else
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    Hey Jacob_912011!
    Thanks for the report, would you be able to grab a short video clip at all?

    Could you also let us know if you've experienced this with all items or just headgear.
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    I took this video
    as you can see that if I unequip anything thats stuck loading I cant equip it again
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