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    Screen Tearing on XboxOne. (Beta)

    . Im really looking forward to the release of Trials Rising, and seeing and playing the betas has got me properly excited.
    However, while playing both closed and open beta On my original XboxOne, I was really disappointed at the amount of screen tearing there was. It wasn’t just isolated here and there. Multiplayer Had it bad too.

    I really DON‘T want this to ruin the game for me. I’m 100% certain that Redlynx doesn’t want this in tracks too. Screen tearing is such a pain of an issue, and can be a game changer for gamers. My friends all commented on this too, so it’s not isolated.
    All I ask is, Will any tearing issues from the betas be addressed and issue free in the actual game release?

    Hoping for a reply...

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    Hi there Morfyboy,

    Thank you for reporting this issue to us. I have seen other players reporting this as well. Do you remember which specific tracks in which you were experiencing screen tearing?

    I am also moving this to the Bug Reports forum.
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    I had alot of creen tearing too but only in multiplayer for me. Its bad. also xbox one
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    I have a day one Xbox one that has tearing at 720p on Breaking Bad, Hard Hat, Lynx World, and Rally of the Kings. Hard Hat and Lynx World are the worst with tearing and stutter (possible fps drops).

    I'll be playing on PC so I just wanted to mention Day One Xbox One and 720p.
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