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    No music or stations on vehicle radios

    I really liked listening to the vehicle radios while I was speeding along in Far Cry 5. But I can't get them to work in New Dawn. Any suggestions welcomed.
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    Prophecy Main Mission

    hi, Similar I’m missing a fragment, bug?...
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    There are radio stations to listen to again, yes. I'm not sure what the button is on keyboard but if you are using a controller you just press up on the d-pad.
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    Do you have Music set to On in Options - Audio and Video? Is Streamer mode disabled?
    Are you in a vehicle that has a radio? Radios don't work on ATVs, motorcycles, jetskis, boats, helicopters.

    Hold D-Pad Up to start/stop the radio.
    Press D-Pad Up to cycle between radio stations.

    Unlock more radio stations by upgrading Prosperity.
    Unlock more songs by collecting MP3s for the Audiophile sidequest.
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    HELL-o. Has anyone else been able to make the radio work in New Dawn?
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    Originally Posted by clownmeat Go to original post
    HELL-o. Has anyone else been able to make the radio work in New Dawn?
    Hey! Please try not to bump such older threads. Can you confirm if you have tried everything in the thread thus far? If so, please create a new case and we'll investigate this for you!
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