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    [PC] Challenge cancelled itself without reward

    Hi there.

    After I beat all three challenge riders on "Siberian Skies", I moved on to the next one on "Lynx World". I beat the first rider. The screen after a finished challenge showed up but it seemed to need a bit longer to load both riders (or post something online). Which it didn't after about 10 seconds so I decided to just start the next race and pressed "A". This threw me back to the map with no crate earned and the challenge gone. It moved to the Hong Kong track. Not a big deal but I would have loved to compete on that track (and earn some more of the better crates).
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    Hey lu3mm3l, thanks for the report!
    Has this issue only occurred with the Lynx World challenge?
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    Yes, the first one worked flawless. I didn't get to finish the one on the Honk Kong track but the first race also worked. So, it looks like it's only on Lynx World.
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