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    Game Bugs

    I am trying to complete the Rescuers Go Under treasure hunt mission, but it is not prompting me to release the brakes of the car in the caves (small black hatchback up on the rocks), nor is there is a prompt to enter the car, no matter if you stand next to it, on top of it or under it. I can’t proceed any further because of this.

    Also I have turned off subtitles, and every single time I go back into the game, they have turned themselves back on.
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    Hey CarrieSmattick,

    I have heard that some players have encountered an issue with this, but have solved it by standing in the correct place?

    Can you provide a video of this?
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    Try standing on the small ridge by the car's rear right tire. If you stand there and look at the tire, the prompt should appear.
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