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    [PC] {Controller] [UI] Menu appears at track reset.


    I seem to be having an issue when using a controller on PC. As a track starts or when I use the track reset button, the pause menu will appear immediately. This same issue occurred during the closed beta also, and this issue was reported back then too. Hopefully this is resolved for the full release as it is very unfair in multiplayer
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    Hey thanks for the report! Can you please confirm the make and model of the controller you're using? If it's wireless, which adapter/dongle are you using?
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    Yes, sorry for the delay.

    I am using the xbox elite controller and am using it wired.

    Though I believe that my problem exists when I alt-tab from the game yet continue to play with a controller. The game must tecognise at restart that I am not technically focysed on the game. Unsure however
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