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    Crash on Start

    My Game crash on Start. No report. Platform is PC
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    the only one

    Am I really the only one who is not allowed to play the game?
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    Ubi-Gumdrops's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    May 2018
    Hey m.pirling!

    Can you please try verifying your game files in the first instance?
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    i do

    I have tried reinstalling and checking the data. Change graphic settings.
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    Ubi-Swaggins's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Nov 2017
    Hey m.pirling,

    Did you do the verification of the files like my colleague Gumdrops suggested?
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    yes unfortunately already 100 times.
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    UbiGabrinth's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Mar 2017
    Please give us some information about your hardware. Are you on a laptop or a desktop? What GPUs and CPU are installed?
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    My game also crashes on startup

    Is this a damn SSE 4.1 problem again like with all recent Ubisoft games?

    Is this seriously a DRM issue that is forcing me to upgrade my CPU so this DRM can do it's thing?

    I'm on a Phenom X6 1090T, 1060GTX.

    I can play BFV and Metro Exodus on my pc without a problem. Do not tell me my CPU is below minspec.
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    Huge Trials fan here, used to play on Xbox 360 and made maps for them as well. Are you guys seriously gonna screw over the fanbase playing on PC on a Phenom CPU?

    I know Ubisoft doesn't give a **** about us as evidenced in no Phenom support for ACO/ACD/FarCry5, but I hoped that Redlynx would care.
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