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    Getting error message and game is crashing!

    i was trying to stream and have a good time but i quickly found out that the game keeps giving me a error and it crashes afterwards i cant get past the 1st level...

    the message says SECURITY ERROR - Unknown File Version (datapack\media\vtex_low\vtex_objects_0_0_0.raw) please help. am going to reinstall and see what happens!
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Can you provide me with an image of the error message?

    If you are in the process of re-installing, please let us know if it fixes the problem or not.

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    My sons account has the same error.

    Running the Ubisoft repair detects corrupt files and then fixes them. Same errors when you reload the game. Tried deleting the install folder and reinstalling from scretch. Same error.

    I'm wondering if it's related to that I have Trials Rising Gold with steam sharing. I couldn't share the game with my son, but I bought him the normal version and when he runs it he gets the error.
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