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    Game breaking beta bug

    Tells me i am level 29 in game but says i cant get the viper bike until level 4..
    Leaving me unable to do anything in the beta.
    Anyone else?

    EDIT: Soloution is now found. Credit for the fix goes to the original poster https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...1#post13970383
    this isnt working for me possibly because i was in a private beta? But it seems to work for most so try it out
    Simply disable cloud save
    Open uplay
    Hit the three blue lines at the top left
    Then click that box that says 'Enable cloud sync for all games' this is clicked by default just click again to disable
    Then go to documents-Trials rising
    And when you see the file that says save files just rename it to something random in my case i changed the name to 'Fix'
    this essentially tells it to fix the file,.
    Now it should be working.

    Solution 2:
    iF the above dosent work try deleting the trials world tour folder
    If stil not working keep it mind they are working on it i still as i said cant get it work.
    Despite doing all the above but it should work for others.
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    Its basically carried over my level from closed beta breaking the game
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    Same here my dudes. Level 19 after the closed beta and the two faster bikes which are supposed to be unlocked at levels 4 and 7 are still locked.

    My only concern now is that this doesn't carry across to the full game and they actually reset progress upon release.
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    This problem also means that we can't even attempt the Extreme track as the initial Squid bike cannot be used. Dangit
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    Hi there grcsurfin,

    Thank you for reporting this issue. Which platform are you currently playing the Trials Rising Open Beta on?

    *Moving this thread to our dedicated Trials Rising Open Beta forums
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    The problem with this, that we cannot progress through the game. I am at level 23 but all the bike is locked, and of course witch the basic Squid bike the medium tracks kinda hard. I think this issue only affect the players who participated in the closed beta (and as far as I know that was only for PC). Maybe a progression reset would be a solution.

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    Bug is effecting anyone who playeed closed beta or private betas to the point their level raised ABOVE the level requirments for the rhino/mantis so they wont unlock.
    A simple fix would be a progress reset or a simple update to make higher levels above 7 and 4 unlock both bikes at their respective levels.
    Also yes a leaderboard wipe IS NEEDED and so is a progress wipe as beta players HAVE BROKEN medal times giving them the max medal for all levels this second bug happeend when you replayed othjer levels.

    Please sort this problem out before release.
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    Hey grcsrfin, in case you haven't seen it there's a solution in the other thread here: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...1#post13970383

    Basically disable Uplay cloud saves, delete your local save file, restart the game, reenable cloud saves.

    I guess I just assumed progress was handled at Ubi's end for some reason.
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    Hey grcsurfin,

    Has the steps suggested by wholehole solved your issue?
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