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    Developer Update: Monkey Business

    Hey everyone! Buck from RedLynx here, and I’m here to bring you some new information for the week and the next update! This is going to be a bit of a longer one, so let’s jump right in!



    Welcome to another exciting week of South Park: Phone Destroyer! This week’s Challenge mode has started. This week, all characters (non-spell cards) will deal double damage! So be sure to let us know what unit combinations you like best for this!

    Team Wars is also ongoing, so make sure to collect your Bottle Caps and upgrade your cards before the battle days!


    Watch out, New Kids! One of Doctor Mephesto’s wild experiments has gotten loose. The Four-Assed Monkey has made it to South Park: Phone Destroyer. The Four-Assed Monkey is a 3-cost Rare assassin, in the Sci-Fi theme. It will have a deathwish ability that will send its’ asses flying to hit up to four random enemies. Finish this weekend’s event to earn some copies for yourself!

    This weekend will be a token collection event, meaning you can collect tokens from PvP lockers and PvP packs!

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 10
    2 50
    3 90
    4 170
    5 260
    6 410
    7 600
    8 925

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 330
    2 950
    3 4125
    4 9000
    5 15000
    6 22500


    As you all know, we’ve been hard at work on our next update, which will be coming later this week! It has some great things, including some improvements to Team Wars, Card Usage events, and bug fixes!


    I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that we’ve not been running too many card use events lately. Simply put, we weren’t super happy with how they functioned and we wanted to improve the player experience during those events. When the update goes out, event cards will now be boosted up to the level (including upgrades) of the highest level card in the same rarity and theme, in your deck. What does that mean? Let’s say you have a level 5 Sheriff Cartman, who is a rare card, in the Adventure theme. For the next event, Medicine Woman Sharon is listed as an event card, but you only have her at level 2. Since she is also a rare card, in the Adventure theme, she would be boosted up to the same level as your Sheriff Cartman for the duration of the event, as long as you have both in your deck. One thing to remember is that characters and spells don’t boost each other, so having a level 6 Lightning Bolt will have no effect on Medicine Woman Sharon.

    Also, during Card Use event, all PvP lockers have a chance to have DOUBLE loot in them and that chance increases as your PvP rank increases. This 2x loot won’t show in the ‘best loot’ table, but only when the locker is opened. So if you see a Legendary card and open a locker, there’s a chance to get TWO copies instead of one!


    • Team Wars has been out for a few weeks now, we’ve been working on our first round of improvements as well. There will be some more improvements coming, but these are the ones we could add quickly to fit into this update.
    • Team Leaders will now be able to “PIN” a message so that all team members will be sure to see it. They can use this to discuss which cards to upgrade or to have a general strategy for card voting. Let us know what you think!
    • New Kid level changes: In Team Wars, the New Kid level previously started at 11, it will now change, depending on which league your team is currently in. In Wood League, it will be 14 and scale up 2 levels with each league (14,16,18,20).
    • We’ve also slightly changed the way that your card stats affect your Team Wars deck. Previously, if you had a card at MAX level 5 (meaning all upgrades), and your team upgraded that card to level 6, you would only be able to use that card at base level 5. After this update, that card would be MAX level 5. However, if your team only upgrades that card to level 5, you would still use it at base level 5.
    • We’ve also made small adjustments to matchmaking to improve matchmaking times during Battle Days.
    • Teams will also be earning extra Crowns after Team Wars. For every 100 points your team earns, your team will earn 1 Crown, so if your team earns a score of 3000, your team would earn 30 Crowns extra (on top of whatever your win for that week). Keep in mind that once teams move up to the next leagues, you can start to lose Crowns, depending on where your team finishes in the bracket. We will be rewarding these extra Crowns retroactively, for all previous Wars, on Monday, February 25th.


    • Fixed an issue where Medusa Bebe would trigger Paladin Butters’ deathwish ability after turning him into a Snake
    • Fixed an issue where Friar Jimmy and Deckhand Butters could remove 1HP from your new kid if they ‘healed’ them while at full HP
    • Fixed an issue where ranged units who should be outside the New Kid Zap would sometimes get into the zap range
    • Fixed an issue where Priest Maxi could enrage multiple times while frozen
    • Fixed an issue where Imp Tweek could teleport a frozen unit and keep them frozen forever
    • Fixed an issue where Mr. Mackey’s Aura would not display properly if frozen
    • Fixed an issue where units ‘charge ability ring’ would not display properly after being teleported by Imp Tweek
    • Fixed an issue where the mind control ‘color’ could remain on a unit if they were teleported by Imp Tweek
    • Fixed an issue where Zen Cartman’s aura would remain visible after being hit by Hercules Clyde’s Warcry
    • Fixed an issue where Powerfist and Prophet Dougie’s special abilities would be applied to the New Kid, even if they were targeting another unit (Zen Cartman for example)
    • Fixed an issue where aura effects could remain visible after a unit was transmogrified
    • Fixed an issue where Outlaw Tweek’s warcry was dealing incorrect damage to the New Kid
    • Fixed an issue where Enforcer Jimmy’s aura could affect units even after leaving his aura
    • Fixed an issue where in certain cases with Mind Control and Pope Timmy, you could have 2 copies of the same unit on the battlefield
    • Fixed an issue where shield and aura effects were not displaying properly while units were frozen
    • Fixed an issue where Hercules Clyde’s powerbind visual would remain even after the effect expired
    • Fixed an issue where a card could get ‘stuck’ if a player was viewing the stats and C-o-c-k magic was used
    • Fixed an issue where the charge display was not being correctly removed if a unit was under the powerbind effect
    • Fixed an issue where charge abilities could get blocked and not be used by the New Kid health bar
    • Fixed an issue where some Warcry effects would not be applied if taunted by Zen Cartman
    • Fixed an issue that caused Mr. Slave’s heal effect to be inconsistent


    As you all know, we’ve got a bit less than 2 weeks left in this Legendary season and as usual, we’ll be making some balance changes at the start of the next season. I don’t have the full details yet, as those values are still being tested. I can tell you that we’re looking to make changes to the following cards: Satan, Ninjew Kyle, Hallelujah, Warboy Tweek, Hyperdrive, Astronaut Butters and Bounty Hunter Kyle.


    • Added a “Feedback” button in the in-game settings. If you’ve got feedback to send to us, check that out!
    • Added a “Guaranteed” Legendary timer in some places. Certain packs will now grant a guaranteed Legendary card after opened a certain number of times.

    That’s everything I have to share for now! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!

    -Your Community Team!
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    Will there be a dev live stream this week?
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    Not yet, but we'll let you know as soon as one is scheduled!
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    It is probably too late for this week, but can you make team wars updates (or at least communication of them) coincide with the tvt cycle (after battles but before voting)? Cards are locked in for the week based on the understanding that nk would be 11 and all cards are base level. Raising those two values has significant impact on play and would have changed voting selections.

    It's the equivalent of being halfway through the game and changing the rules.

    For card usage, when you say pvp rank, is legendary as a whole the same chance? Or is #1 legendary rank a higher chance than #10000 legendary rank?

    What is the chance of double rewards?
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    Interesting update this eek, thanks.

    Two questions:
    1. The changes to card events will clearly push up the points required for each tier of rewards, is there an early indication of the tier requirements?
    2. Is there any plans to make improvements to the token events too? With the introduction of the guaranteed legendary, it suggests you are looking to push people to play to their locker limits, but this can mean you are locked out from token events for up to 23 hours - particularly frustrating on a 24 hour event. For example, a simple locker limit reset at the start of an event would make things right.
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    And, seriously, still no nerf on Blood Elf BB ?
    One of the best (if not the best) long range fighter is a common !!
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    Thought I'd break from the norm and include some positive comments for once, being as reading this update is one of the few times I have felt there are more positives than negatives. The only thing I disagree with I'll put right at the end.

    So here goes:
    * Firstly, thank you for working on some much needed bug fixes. There is still a way to go as bug fixes are very important, but I really felt like the list included was a positive step in the right direction.
    * A big thank you for including the message board for team wars. Yes we need more stats etc, but as for something simple we really needed which you could add more quickly this is much appreciated.
    * Also a nice fair list of rebalance cards. BHK will get the most complaints but he is a little OP, which I only had no issue with because of the general OP-ness of the entire Mystic theme, and needing counters to that problem. However I see you have finally included one of the 'untouchable' (although the least guilty) Mystic legendary cards for rebalance, which I applaud and again feel is indicating a step in the right direction.
    * Nice to see another assassin being added as a rare that is something we sorely lack currently.

    Only real criticism I had was the card usage events, as it will penalise people in my position who have chosen to upgrade all cards equally to allow me to play with a wider selection successfully. So for example maybe I have 5 rares cards in one theme all at level 5. My opponent has 1 rare card at level 6 and the other 4 at level 1 in the same theme. But now he will be overpowering me with level 6 rares even though I have spent more resources on my upgrades than he spent on his. Card events were one of the few times I felt like I was on an equal playing field with opponents, but that is now being removed and I will be placed at a disadvantage against people who have spent less time, effort and resources on building their decks than I have made on mine.
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    Originally Posted by ItsJustBuck Go to original post

    Watch out, New Kids! One of Doctor Mephesto’s wild experiments has gotten loose. The Four-Assed Monkey […]
    Hilarious card choice, I remember suggesting Doctor mephesto to spawn random experiments when his ability charges, but we probably didn’t need another bulky unit in the game so I’m intrigued about the four assed monkey .
    Originally Posted by ItsJustBuck Go to original post
    I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that we’ve not been running too many card use events lately. Simply put, we weren’t super happy with how they functioned and we wanted to improve the player experience during those events. […]
    We sure did, and I still dread token events, but I think you are doing something really interesting here, to allow people to try more a full-fledged card usage event deck. I usually put cards that I never spawn because they are weak, and doing these kind of events is not a fun ride if you have cards that are just hindering you, so this definitely helps to make things a little bit more fun.
    Originally Posted by ItsJustBuck Go to original post
    […] Also, during Card Use event, all PvP lockers have a chance to have DOUBLE loot […]
    This is also nice and I like how you guys actually display the chances of such double loot.
    Originally Posted by ItsJustBuck Go to original post
    I think my pinned message is going to be pretty big, I hope I can squeeze all the information in its number of characters limitation, if it’s just like any normal message there’s no problem. It’s nice to see many of the things discussed around here and other places are trying to be addressed.

    I still think the matchmaking of teams should take into account the average total point acquisition a team has by the end of the war, to be matched with other teams with the same or close potential. The way they are now (or were, I don’t know if this is also changing with the matchmaking changes that you are making) allow small teams but with a very good point average to be matched with much less capable teams just because the team bracket matchmaking gives too much importance to the team’s amount of members. Determining the actual potential of a team by a point acquisition average is key to make a fairer bracket placement.

    The rest of the changes, kid level, faithfully representing the cards actual level, are nice changes. I’m a bit indifferent to the extra crown one but yea it will help you to break some ties between teams, but I still think a correct bracket placement is the next thing to improve.

    Originally Posted by ItsJustBuck Go to original post
    You guys have been busy, that’s really nice to see. A bunch of these are visual changes and that’s always good but I think some of these may re-sprout somehow simply because we are missing that client side, but it’s really nice to see many of the bugs reported in the bug section were actually handled by the team, nice revelation, and as such I’ll keep sharing bugs when it’s possible :P.
    Originally Posted by ItsJustBuck Go to original post
    Intrigued by two of these, I hope they are not buffs because hell would break loose if they are since they belong to mystic :P. Your previous buff of Outlaw tweek didn’t make him much more competitive, I’m hoping this won’t be the case for the war boi.

    Overall really nice update guys, that’s why I took the time to respond to most of it, thanks for your attempts on making the game better, don’t forget to bring a towel, I mean client side ;3.
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    Great Update

    Gotta be honest, first update in a long time that got me excited since so may things/bugs that I've been waiting for has been addressed.

    One suggestion since you are giving teams more control for TvT, Consider adding an option to see if players has had their battle run in battle days or not since Its impossible to determine if they just lost all three matches or just didn't battle yet unless they communicate which isn't 100% of the time. Also for leaders and/or co leads to see where teammates invested their bottlecaps so we can determine which players aren't following along with the team if they have a specific upgrade plan.

    Also unrelated to TvT, it would be nice to be able to see a players stats (rank, deck, donation history etc.) from the team application request to determine if he should be accepted or not as well as see who booted a player when they leave in case there is a rogue elder/co lead etc. booting unfairly.
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    Warboy Tweek, Hyperdrive, Astronaut Butters

    Pleaaaase don’t bring back the Hyperdrive bug !! It was really « annoying » to be polite
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