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    Monstrous Cougar does not spawn in any the locations noted on the map.

    I have been to the 3 sites where there should be monstrous cougars. I have done a couple of the other monstrous animals. The only cougars that spawn in the monstrous cougar map locations are regular level 3 cougars. No matter how long I wait or how much I wander around the area, the monstrous cougar never spawns. I'm trying to 100%/Platinum the game, I need to be able to get the monstrous seasons. How can I get the monstrous cougar to spawn?
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    Hey MrJiggles2,

    Are you using any bait to try and lure it out?

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    Hunting monstrous animals

    Quick tip for hunting any monstrous animals is bait or finding a normal version of the monstrous animal in the monstrous territory because they spawn near each other. For ex. if I shoot a normal bison or boar most of the time theyll lead me right to the monstrous animals.
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