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    bookworm-4c7c267c on Far Cry 5 and New Dawn

    2 PCs, Windows 10, all updates, Far Cry 5 and New Dawn purchased and run through Steam.
    Both can log into Uplay, buy games, etc.
    Prior to 2/3/19, both could log in and play. We completed Far Cry 5 co-op, all the way through, zero issues.
    UPnP enabled on my router
    No port forwarding of any kind, never had it, never needed it

    Starting 2/3/19, my son is no longer able to get "Online" in any Far Cry game. We play Division, we play WoW, we play Civilization, we play tons of games, have for decades, never had issues. He didn't install anything, he didn't change anything, we were playing, we logged out for lunch, came back, and he started getting this error in Far Cry 5, while playing Vietnam. Purchased 2 copies of New Dawn so we can play together over this holiday weekend...he has the exact same problem. Uninstalled Far Cry 5, New Dawn, and UPlay, reinstalled them all, no change.

    I work fine, he can't get in to online, even if my PC is off, so it's not "only 1 system on a LAN can get in" which I saw in google. I work fine, so it's not the router, because we're behind the same router.

    He completely disabled his Windows Firewall and Defender, turned everything off, no change.

    Wanted to play over this holiday weekend, clearly I don't get to so going to return both if I can't get this fixed. Trying to work with support, a lot of silly responses. Yes, we turned it off and on. Are you sure? Of course we're sure. Can you change your DNS? Can you change your network? Have you thought about getting a new router? Maybe move to a new house where it works?

    Extremely frustrating, more so because this specific code doesn't seem to be largely seen, only a handful of articles on google that reference it and all of them have Ubi basically saying "yeah, sucks to be you, we're fine on this end".
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    Can you create a ticket on our support site with your Sons System info for me to have a quick check of everything:

    When you write the ticket number here I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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    We did, my son has the ticket but he's asleep. It was a huge waste of time, 5 different guys all told us to do port forwarding because that is apparently all they know. Port forwarding doesn't work on a google mesh with multiple systems on it, but they couldn't understand that.

    We found a solution anyway. It turns out that if he connects first, then I connect, it works, but if I connect first then he can't. Great net code there :P
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    I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue. If you have any insights as to why you can connect second but he cannot connect if you are already connected, please let us know.
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    Not one clue, it's supremely weird. And I don't even have to be in the game. I go in, connect, try to invite him, he can't get online at all. I log out and quit the game, he still can't. I have to reboot in order for him to get in, and once he can get in, I can load the game and we can play together. It is only Farcry 5/ND, not Division, not Wildlands, not Anthem, not any of the scores of other games we play together.
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    Me and my buddy had the similar problem and we troubleshooted just about everything possible. Then I was like fk it lets just start a new one on his own game and it loaded in just fine by switching the host. Then we decided to go back to menu and try mine and sure enough that one worked as well and it hasnt had any issues since. I havent heard of any other ways of fixing this problem or if this will even help you but gl
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    I got this error when playing with someone from another country. This is the only game that gets this stupid bookworm error. When I was in Sydney playing with other friends from Australia, no errors.

    Stupid to have the ping and threshold so tight that you can't play with other players far from you. Wish I can get my money back.
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