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    Problems with the Mission : The Prophecy

    hello im a Xbox One Player and i play the story from Far Cry New Dawn ... and at the Mission The Prophecy i dont know what i must do... i look there to the incomplete star from the Peggys but nothing happen ... is it a installations errors if i cant do anything ? no interaction .... no hint ... nothing ... nothing happen .... i think i must hold the item from this position in this incomplete star from the far ... is this right ? if yes how i can do this ?
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    Hey, there should be some guides on YouTube on how to complete the mission if you are stuck. But if you have tried everything, and it seems like a genuine issue, get back to me here.
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    Pick up the amulet piece.
    Destroy the planks that cover the elements of the Cult logo.
    Go to the correct spot, which is usually marked by a lantern or a light.
    Hold D-Pad Up to equip the amulet piece.
    Align the amulet piece with the elements so that the full Cult logo is displayed.
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    Thanks for the tips, cskiller86.
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