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    @ MODS, a few BUGS

    Theres an outpost directly north of prosperity (cant remember the name, not on the game atm) that once you beat it and get to level 3 stars, every time after you beat it with 3 stars it crashes the game to a black screen. You can hear the audio, but it stays in a black screen, forcing you to quit the game.

    Also, there are quite a few TYPOS in the game, whether in the weapon descriptions, narrative, whatever. Lots of typos. Surprising, ive never seen typos in a game! To me this screams RUSHED cause autocorrect is easy to use. But whatever the reason, they are there. Not game breaking, just funny I guess. Proves you are all humans!
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    Hey akilyoung,

    Can you provide a video of the crashing issue?

    Also in regard to the typos, do you remember or have any examples of any in particular?

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