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    For Honor Dev Team AMA Recap

    The FH dev team did an AMA over on r/PS4! Here are all the questions they answered:

    are new gamemodes coming this year?
    [Nico] Currently we're focusing on improving the Breach Mode, which we intend to keep supporting.

    And in terms of new game modes you can expect to see more of the temporary events-based Modes, like we have done in our past Seasonal Events.

    Where do you find inspiration for your Heroes and their Skills/weapons?
    [Stefan] Character inspiration always begins with the weapon. So we look for weapons that are iconic, but also bring a diversity to the game's cast.

    In our mocap sessions, our actors, who are trained in martial arts, often pitch new ideas to our team, which sometimes get incorporated into the game.

    After that, it's a back and forth between our narrative team and the design teams to build a coherent, fleshed out character, including full animation and personality.

    What's your favorite ForHonor meme of all time?
    [Pope] There have been so many over the past couple years! I think my personal favorite is any one that involves Smash Mouth and Shrek and the team's favorite still goes back to the very first one, that Call on Me music video with the Raider.

    When is it expected for the new dominion UI to be implemented? I know we saw this during the Assassin's Creed event, so soon I hope.
    [Audrey] Beginning in our next patch, and rolling out mode-by-mode after that, you'll see the new Breaking UI (bye bye giant skull).

    We are also working right now on overall game mode UI improvements that will roll out after that.

    From a visual and thematic standpoint who are your favorite character?
    [Luc] Shugoki.

    [Nico] It hasn't come out yet! *wink wink* Real answer: Aramusha.

    [Audrey + Pope] Peacekeeper.

    [Stefan] Shaman.

    Stefan, are you happy with Warden being able to feint SB so late into animation(even after he starts moving forward)?
    [Stefan] The timing is important to being able to catch people.

    [Pope] Stef is always happy.

    Will the minion kill animations ever be returning?
    [Stefan] These were removed because Pikemen take multiple hits and the animations generally would slow down most Heroes in the lane (Shaman or Highlander for example). Unifying locked and out of lock attack timings was an important facet of this decision as well.

    Buff raider please.
    [Stefan] I heard Roman say something about this on the Warrior's Den...?

    Who will replace Pope and Damien? Where Is Apollyon Legacy Event? When will revork the Lawbringer?
    [Pope] On the Warrior's Den you will see Luc hosting after I'm gone. On the Community Side, our ComDev Alex will continue to lead our global team of CMs. On the Dev Side Nico has already picked up a number of Damien's duties, and the rest is shared across many other devs.

    Huge fan guys, 56 days of gameplay total, one question I've had since day one is will we see single pick implemented into 4v4 modes. Now of course earlier in the game's life that would have been a terrible idea but, surely at this current state with the size of the roster now it's more of a viable option. My question is are we going to see single pick this year or at all, thanks and congrats on the anniversary 🤘
    [Audrey] Single Pick is something we have been considering, beyond Brawl, especially for Breach. We need to be super careful with it as well, as we know many For Honor players tend to stick to one or two mains, and we don't want them to be frustrated. We may use Events as a test ground for Single Pick in the future.

    Which heroes did the team enjoy the most when creating them? Which one was the most challenging? Are there any scrapped hero ideas that didn't make it in the game?
    [Nico] Shinobi was technically quite challenging, to handle the long range attacks. Shaolin's teleport also presented a tough challenge for us initially.

    [Stefan] The mocap actor used really intense grunts and facial expressions while recording the Shaman, and it was creepier than the in-game version of the Shaman's face.

    [Nico] Far before launch, the Valkyrie was a Shieldmaiden with a big shield and hammer. At the time, the gameplay of blunt weapons like that were unknown to us, so we moved away from it. As you've seen, though, we've got a Hero coming later this year who wields a hammer.

    are you guys abandoning the game after year 3? Since so many devs are leaving the team
    [Luc] Having devs join and leave teams is a common practice, especially here at Ubi Montreal where we have many projects in development side by side. In the case of Damien and Eric, they happen to be well known figures in our community, but that's not representative of what's going on with the full dev team.

    [Pope] For example, my fellow comdev, Alex, joined us well after the game was shipped and live.

    Is there anything you regret/regretted putting in For Honor?
    [Stefan] When the game first launched, we jumped too quickly on some balancing choices which hurt some characters unintentionally. This is why we take a more intentional approach with our balancing updates now.

    Can you reconsider separate balancing for consoles? Or at least downgrade the graphics and give us 60FPS? Remove input delay? Please?
    [Nico] As we've answered in the past, we will not balance Console and PC separately. We continue to work on improving our Lag Compensation algorithms to make lag perception as consistent as possible across a range of connectivity.

    [Stefan] We also hope this work will allow us to make the game more offense oriented.

    Could we ever see a “mid season update” like siege use to do? For “less important” changes small buffs, testing stuff out, maybe some changes to Centurion or Aramusha.
    [Stefan] Our patch schedule this year will bring a patch at mid-season, actually. For example, our next patch, coming in a few weeks, contains the removal of 1v1 Revenge Gain.

    Will there be any Centurion Buffs in the near future?
    [Stefan] Roman definitely wants this. :P In truth, we are looking at Centurion right now for future updates, but there are other characters ahead in our balancing process. See Roman's statement earlier today on the Warrior's Den.

    How much do you guys value historical accuracy over gameplay when creating a character?
    [Stefan] While our Heroes are certainly based in real examples (see: German Longsword) we value historical accuracy as long as it serves gameplay (see: Shaolin teleport).

    [Audrey] I'd just like to point out, while we love historical accuracy, I will point out that Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Chinese warriors never battled each other.

    When and where will you be announcing the winner of the shirt competition? I thought it was supposed to be on tonight's warriors den
    [Pope] That was indeed planned for today but there are some last details being ironed out over here on it. We'll announce once it's settled!

    What's the best fan interaction you have had?
    [Luc] Gamescom meetup! I had the chance to chat, at length, with so many people about the game. Also at Gamescom people in the convention hall would stop me to take pictures, that's pretty funny.

    [Pope] Meeting the number one digital athlete, Clutchmeister. I was so star-struck being in his presence, I thought I would faint. He's such a gentleman.

    Hi guys! Massive fan here, been playing since the closed beta and pre-ordered the gold edition.

    As someone who typically plays single-player RPGs and is still a massive dnd fan, I'm interested to know more about the lore of For Honor's world. I know that the lore of the game is supposed to be expanded upon in the upcoming events, but I need more. Can you give us any fun facts or tidbits about the lore that players haven't already been told?

    Bonus question, what are all your mains in For Honor?

    [Audrey] Since the launch of Arcade Mode we've had a great outlet to give more tidbits on the lore of the World, and there will be more opportunites for things like this soon as well.

    Are there any scrapped features for combat that were cool on paper, but totally don't work in practice?
    [Nico] Yes! So many!

    Oh, I forgot I had an actual question too. Will anything be done about the totem/banner flashing that occurs when you step in and out of the area to pick it up? It's very distracting if you end up fighting in around around a fallen banner, as it obscures the fight and in turn can make it more difficult to stay alive.
    [Audrey] Yes this is one we're aware of and working on. The focus right now is reducing distraction from the fight widget. The Breaking/Skull update is one, and the flashing you refer to will come in a later update.
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    Thank you for posting this mate, it was a good read and I learned a few more things I didn’t expect.
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    Healthy selection of questions. Impressed.
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    Thanks for this...
    Side stepped the abandon after year 3 part of the question tho :/
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    Originally Posted by chukblok Go to original post
    Thanks for this...
    Side stepped the abandon after year 3 part of the question tho :/
    It was a kinda very legity question tho'
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    Shaman will never be balanced because she's Stefan's favorite

    such ugliness .
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    I’m very glad that you guys took the time to host a AMA. It really shows your commitment!
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    Some interesting questions and answers there.

    I am still wary over single pick in casual play, I don't think that it is wise to ask newcomers to be confident enough in four characters to take them into PVP and then you consider that while perks don't do as much as gear stats it is still a grind that would be multiplied. Wouldn't affect me that much, i have eight, so enough for if it was single pick over both teams, characters at rep 8, with at least one in each of the different perk combination pools and with three perk loadouts, I just think it hurts the new playerbase.

    I do think that if they get ranked going again and the people who want single pick actually populate that it would be a very good idea for at the least a single pick per team format (maybe extended to single pick across both teams in the future though that leaves teams at risk of not being able to field an assassin or heavy if they want to be with characters familiar to them), but in casual play it falls back to the argument I have always had in that it screws over people who are new or have invested a lot of time getting 60 reps into one character.

    Or switch to character select before matchmaking which doesn't screw over anyone in terms of character selection, but the devs don't seem keen on that idea. While I get that some people might want to go for team composition, which was their reasoning, that happens rarely in pugs and people in groups would still be able to.
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    Originally Posted by chukblok Go to original post
    Thanks for this...
    Side stepped the abandon after year 3 part of the question tho :/
    "that's not representative of what's going on with the full dev team."
    this seems an answer, as people leave that doesn't mean the team is not working on the game, so no, they are not shutting down, this is what I read at least
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    The way Stefan responded to the question in regards to the minion-killing animations is unacceptable. They have been using this same exact response every single time someone asks about having them back ever since the minion-killing animations were taken from us in early October. We already know why they were initially taken away. We want to know what their thoughts and plans for the minion-killing animations are now; not then. This answer does nottell us if the minion-killing animations are ever going to come back or if they're gone forever.

    If we're never going to get them back forever, then that is honestly a very bad decision on the devs' part. The minion-killing animations were one of the absolute most fun things in all of "For Honor." The following is a quote from myself in another forum regarding the minion-killing animations and why they're so great: "The minion-killing animations always scratched the Action-genre itch I always got whenever I played For Honor, since I am a HUGE fan of Action games. Whenever I got bored or frustrated with the multiplayer modes (I'm a Single Player & Co-op person; I HATE PvP and also hate fighting against other players), [the minion-killing animations provided a good break from fighting against bots]. To quote myself from another thread titled "For Honor 2," the minion-killing animations "felt very empowering, like these were actual, elite warriors with years of training that have many different ways of killing lesser enemies that go far beyond novice-level slashes, stabs and bashes." The animations also added a good amount of personality to the heroes, further showing that no 2 heroes fought the same way. Without the minion-killing animations, all we have is the Fighting Game aspects and for people like me, Fighting Games get stale and uninteresting, very fast."

    When I first saw "For Honor" at E3 2016, I was absolutely blown away by almost everything the game had to offer. The part that had me the most interested and ultimately made me decide to buy the game was the minion-killing animations. Now, the game is missing an enormous part of its fun-factor and now the game is not fun to me anymore, along with many other people that are just as unhappy about this as I am. I gave Siege Mode a chance by playing it for a bit and absolutely HATE what they've done to the minions. Killing them with such basic slashes, stabs and bashes that should be expected of a PS2 gen. game is completely unsatisfying. The fact that they can disrupt peoples' executions and can easily take down players when they're fighting enemy heroes is just as infuriating. The minion-killing animations don't need to be put in Siege Mode. All other modes will do just fine. And don't bring up "uniformity" and how "important" it is. We don't care about uniformity.

    The only reason I came back for a little bit was to unlock the Black Prior for myself. I'm with the Knights and I've been wanting a sword & shield character since the very beginning. Now that I've got him, at this point in time, I don't see any reason for me to come back. Even though the Single Player mode still has the animations for some of the characters, that mode is very shallow and gets uninteresting fairly quickly after several playthroughs.

    I really want to come back to "For Honor," but it's just not fun anymore with its now far-too-heavy Fighting Game and PvP competition aspects, along with the removal of minion-killing animations. Again, I'm not the only one that's upset at them taking away the minion-killing animations. There are a lot of other forums and responses to said forums here on the website with just about everyone saying that they want those animations to come back and some of the people posting, myself included, are asking for them to be improved and expanded upon. I hope the devs understand why we like this part of "For Honor" so much and also hope they're coming up with something in order to bring it back.
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