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    Community Highlight Episode 11: DANNYonPC - "I'm Danny, and I'm on PC."

    Who are you?

    I'm Danny, hi!

    I tweet a lot, make videos on Youtube, I complain about things (one of the reasons Ubi contacted me back in the day apparently) I have a heavy Dutchlish accent and play videogames.

    What’s the story behind your username?

    I'm Danny, and I'm on PC.

    Also I used to be friends with a guy who has a similar name... but stuff happened.

    What’s an average day look like for you?

    Wake up, do some stuff for work (I work at a general practitioner), listen to music, and put all my opinions and thoughts on the internet.

    I’m mainly on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. Sometimes I also make videos for my YouTube channel.

    What’s a random subject that you could talk endlessly about?

    Videogames, what else?! Mostly Battlefield though.

    How did you get into PC gaming?

    My parents and I bought a hewlett packard PC to do internet stuff on (the internet just became mainstream here) and there were some games included in the box, of which one was Rayman 2.

    After finishing it I bought the rest of the games, while still also playing on my little gamecube and PS2. Eventually EA released the Battlefield 2 demo (Little Danny loved free stuff, so I had to check it out. Okay I still do love free stuff) and I was completely hooked. It was something I never had seen before. All the people, all the graphics, all the... me crashing in helicopters because flying was so hard. It was amazing. after that I was hooked on PC

    Why do you play on PC?

    Being able to play practically any game from any era that I want, including some older console titles.

    Of course there’s also the basic things like better performance, graphics, customizability, and so much more. You know how it goes.

    What is your favorite PC game?

    Battlefield 1, 2, 3 hardline (yes I know), Blackops 1, RCT2, Hitman, The Division and the Grand theft auto franchise.

    I don't have a single favorite game.

    What game/games do you consider to have had the biggest impact on you and why?

    I'm probably a broken and repeating record, but the Battlefield Franchise, it made me travel to awesome places and let me meet some awesome people.

    Which game you would buy your friend to introduce them to PC gaming?

    Depends on the friend and what they like. For just pure graphics I’d recommend going with Battlefield 1, 5, or The Division. If they want a good story I’d go with Titanfall 2.

    To move out of the “shooter” genre and into something more tactical I’d recommend Roller Coaster Rycoon or Cities Skylines.

    If you could play only one game for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

    Battlefield 3 most likely. I have 1000+ hours and I’m still not done. Especially looking at what the future holds for that game...

    Which future game are you excited about?

    Right now I’m most excited for Beyond good and evil 2, The division 2 and getting my hands on Hitman 2. I guess I really like the number 2.

    What communities are you most involved with?

    The Battlefield one, and the one I created with my YouTube channel… even though that’s also very Battlefield related.

    Why are you drawn to these communities?

    I love the game and I like my own YouTube channel (at least someone does :P). There's also some damn cool people in it.

    Do you have a favorite memory from these communities you can share?

    Hell yea! Meeting a lot of the guys at gamescom or traveling to DICE LA and the former Viseral this year and in 2015. Plus there’s also the battlefield 1 reveal, and the people... and the free drinks.... and ….you get the drift.

    Also totally unrelated, getting recognized at drum and bass parties. Hearing “OMG AREN’T U DANNYonPC” is a strange feeling.


    Do you have any fun upcoming projects you are working on?

    Well apparently I make youtube videos and I am currently working a few things.

    What are the first words that pop in your head when you hear the following:

    Gaming - pew pew and stuff
    Hardware - fresh smell of just opened boxes
    Framerate - at least 60 fps
    Console - potato https://twitter.com/DANNYonPC/status/570172127585968128
    Indie - Budget
    Strategy - rush b
    VR - expensive
    Pixel - small
    Streaming - youtube
    Achievements - pling ling (that one X360 achievement sound)
    Winning - chicken dinner.

    Where can people keep up with what you’re doing?

    If you can handle having 300 tweets in your timeline a day, I’m on twitter @DANNYonPC

    And of course I’m also on YouTube where I make videos (surprisingly!) over at https://www.youtube.com/c/DANNYonPC
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