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    No Hold to Crouch Option!?!

    I personally /really/ dislike the delay introduced with toggle controls. It doesn't feel as smooth as it should in a first person shooter. If I recall correctly ALL Far Cry games HAVE had HOLD TO CROUCH as an option until New Dawn. Why remove options that your long time fans have used since the beginning?

    Please, Please FIX this ASAP. This is a core gameplay issue.
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    I'll pass this suggestion on, thanks very much!

    In the case of New Dawn, that button/key input is used for something else later on (I won't give anything away), but I'll let the guys at the studio know nonetheless.

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    I had my suspicions that there was more to this than a broken function. Nevertheless, I appreciate if this could get some attention .
    Some additional info:
    Long pressing the crouch key will not activate the crouch at all. So perfect timing is necessary for it to function. You must press and release the key without holding it down at all. I'll leave my personal adjectives aside, but I think that this could be polished.
    CrouchToggle="0" Does nothing at all
    CrouchType="1" Is missing (doesn't work if added anyway)
    This also makes jump crouching nearly impossible for me.
    Furthermore, in a game where timing is important to avoid detection, having the key bind for stealth fail for whatever reason (eg holding it down too long) is really a hindrance to the very gameplay that is intended.

    Thanks for the official reply
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    I am experiencing intermittent crouching and no slide ability at all . mouse button is fine no missing keypresses - I also dont like this toggle function, it breaks the immersion. but most annoying is it never works while running.. this is not good... not good at all.
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    The reason isn't that good though, couldn't it just be bound separately?
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    I concur, hold-to-crouch should be an option.

    I don't care what its use is later. Make that bound to something else. I've only played 71 minutes of this game because I absolutely hate the lack of the option. I played the hell out of every other Far Cry game. That should be saying something. Also, the rpg element of numbers flying over someones head when you shoot them is anti-immersion. Please for the love of god correct this **** so I can play this game. I know it seems silly that this would hold me back, but a simple google search of "no hold to crouch far cry new dawn" should show that many people are pissed about this.
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    go to option you can turn the numbers over head off!
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    HOLD-TO-CROUCH should still be an option.

    I still haven't played this game as this has not been patched. Anyone know of a third party mod that can fix this? Seriously, if you google it or read steam reviews, this is sort of a big deal to many fps players. Simple fix, enable hold to crouch and bind 'special joseph skill' or whatever it is to some other button. This probably only needs to be fixed on PC.
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