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    Originally Posted by gt500ftw Go to original post
    Same here. Completed the FC5 campaign and am halfway thru on a new FC5 playthrough but can't access the sin eater in New Dawn.
    Hey there! This doesn't seem to show on the account you're posting from, do you have an alternative Ubisoft account?

    Originally Posted by Arghard Go to original post
    Hello. Similar issue as above posts. I completed Far Cry 5 (loved it) on PS4 but cannot redeem New Dawn rewards on Xbox. Thank you in advance.
    This should be available to you now Arghard, let me know if you get stuck with anything!
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    Confirmed and appreciated. Thanks!
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    Do i need to buy the reward outfit AND complete FC5 on infamous to use it in New Dawn ?
    i have done the former but not the latter.

    edit : nevermind it unlocked itself after a while
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    I finished Far Cry 5 on PS4 but can't get the rook outfit nor the sin eater in Far Cry New Dawn on pc
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    Same issue

    I'm having the same issue, completed fc5 on Xbox, got the 'together forever' award. Now playing new dawn on ps4 and can't unlock shotgun or outfit. Please help. Many thanks.
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    Same here, definitely completed the FC5 campaign but can't unlock the D2
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    Hey, same issue here too. I completed FC5 on Xbox One but can't access the Sin Eater D2 and the Rook outfit on New Dawn on PS4. If anyone can help out then that'd be great
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