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    Play with the Nadir Starship Pack for Free this weekend! Feb 15 -18


    Starting Friday, February 15, at 8:00 GMT (3:00 AM Eastern, 12:00 AM Pacific) the Nadir Starship Pack will be available for you to use over the weekend at no cost! Test out Shaid, her ship Nadir, and the gripping Nullifier weapon to see how they fit your playstyle.

    The Nadir Starship Pack will automatically be added to your Starship roster and remain available to use until 8:00 GMT on Monday, February 18.

    Heads up! This is the perfect time to use Shaid's Outlaw status to help unlock Equinox Upgrades in game.

    Have fun out there pilots! We'll see you in the stars!
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    Go guys . Hands on it. Shaid is one of the top tier pilots ! And the Nadir is a great ship !

    Thanky 4 this trail !
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    Starship Nadir Pack

    Is it free??
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