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    How the hell have you got vehicles with no reverse!!?
    When i get stuck i cant reverse you have every function but reverse which is just a bit silly really???
    Can you guys sort this out as it is extremely annoying.
    Ohh and just so you are aware that both controller and keyboard.
    And there is no decend on the helicopter!!
    Guys sort it out man Jheeze this is not very well thought out...
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    Ubi-Trippn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi, Can you confirm if this is persistent if you only have the keyboard and mouse connected to the PC?
    Could you also let me know the make and model of the keyboard and the controller in use.
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    Don't know why you have issues with reversing.

    For me all works as it should, Razer Blackwidow keyboard and Rumble pad 2 on both I can reverse with out any issue.
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    I also see no key binding or XBox controller option for reverse.How do you obtain reverse?
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    The down arrow works for me as a reverse.
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