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    private beta reward missing issue

    I surely played private beta with wholes3 days including the Raid Mission.but when log in for reward ,they said I didn't resiger??seriously?man,i preorder unlimited edition!,i did play it!!and I play division 800hours !solve all shield mark!!.pls fix it!!,
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    Hey xigexigexi!

    The rewards for playing in The Division 2 Beta will be unlocked when the game releases, which is 15th of March
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    I'm not expecting to see the rewards in-game. I'm not overly concerned about missing out on them, but since i am in the beta vidmate
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    SO I found this page which relates to some of the rewards in the ubisoft club for beta registeration and loging into the site but every time I try the site doesnt seem to acknowledge my login.
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    yep。i am in same situcation.and you see tehy said it will release in 3.15,but what i careabout is waht if they just keep deny my participate in beta???
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    ths,but i wonder,if this a normal situcation when i try log in HTTPS://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisof.../en-us/rewards to get my reward,tehy said you didnt in beta,for the shirt it saids error pls relog,for armpatch,they said you didnt resiger for beta????? thas the point!,wo want to make sure our parpicatte proved! is it really not a bug??? in steamcn--a biggest form of steam in china,over 1500players said they met the same problem.,will you try investigate it and tell us why?dude, moere than 1500 man in form are in hurry! pls do something!
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    private beta reward

    I surely played private beta with wholes3 days including the Raid Mission.but when log in for reward
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