Hey everyone,

Please find the current list of known issues below.

**Updated March 29th**

[PS4] During the mission “Jerome Comes Home”, Pastor Jerome does not enter the helicopter after being liberated
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Restart the mission. Then, do not select Timber as your Gun for Hire and choose a different vehicle than a helicopter after Jerome is liberated.

[PS4/XONE/PC] “The Prophecy” mission can’t be completed
Description: During the mission “The Prophecy”, if the player triggers the Windmill and moves away from the area, the puzzle can’t be completed when returning to the area
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Leave the island to reset the mission, or fast-travel to your home base and return to the island.

[PS4/XONE/PC] Player can lose the objective item in the “Inside Job” mission
Description: During the mission “Inside Job”, when you reach the roof to get the objective bag, you can hit it with a melee item (or by punching it with the Wrath ability activated), which can move it to an unreachable place. The mission then becomes impossible to complete.
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Reload the last checkpoint.


[PS4/XONE] Pressing up on the D-Pad in the weapon wheel activates multiple actions simultaneously in “Shooter” vehicle mode
Description: While inside a car with the weapon wheel open, if the player is using the “Shooter” driving control scheme instead of “Classic”, the Up D-Pad button will also change the Radio Station and activate the “Show Controls” action
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Change the “Shooter” driving control scheme to “Classic”

[PS4/XONE/PC] Typos in some texts
Status: Fixed

[PS4/XONE/PC] Guns for Hire sometimes get stuck in vehicles
Description: After entering a vehicle (ground or air) with the player, sometimes the assigned Gun for Hire stays inside after the player leaves the vehicle.
Status: Will not fix
Workaround: Fast-travel to another location, or blow up the vehicle and revive the GFH.

[PS4/XONE/PC] Door in Prosperity are closed and the Home Base cannot be upgraded
Description: In some very rare cases, the doors to the main building of the Home Base stay closed after the mission "Under Siege", preventing players from upgrading it to Rank III
Status: Fixed


[PS4/XONE] "Closed for Applications" achievement/trophy does not unlock under some circumstances.
Description: Shutting down the game immediately after completing a Guns for Hire mission (after the mission completion splash screen pops up, but before the save is triggered) will prevent the stats for the "Closed for Applications" achievement/trophy and the "Militia" challenge from updating
Status: Fixed


[PS4/XONE/PC] Subtitles are turned back "on" after the game is restarted
Description: Turning the subtitles off and then restarting the game will revert the setting to default
Status: Fixed

[PS4/XONE/PC] Screen appears cropped on some televisions
Description: Part of the screen appears cropped for some players, particularly on PS4 and XB1 running the game on a TV display
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Please ensure that your video settings are appropriately calibrated on your screen/monitor. This may involve adjusting the console/PC settings, the in-game settings and/or the screen. Older TVs may have an "overscan" setting that would interfere with New Dawn - this should be disabled for optimum performance. It may be listed under video settings, image settings or aspect ratio settings.

[PS4/XONE/PC] In rare cases, the game can look grainy when HDR is enabled
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Reduce or turn off your TV's dynamic contrast setting.

[PS4/XONE/PC] Weapons have a pixellated outline when standing in location near Target Practice Treasure Hunt
Description: When going down the hole at the end of the blue zipline in Nadine's Junkyard, looking downwards with a weapon equipped can trigger a visual glitch.
Status: Will not fix

[PS4/XONE/PC] In rare cases, player progress is stuck at 20/21 expeditions
Status: Fixed

PC-specific isssues

[PC] Story Progress (%) statistic on Ubisoft Club is not accurate
Description: After finishing the game, the "Story Progress (%)" statistic on Ubisoft Club displays a value below 100%
Status: Fixed

[PC] No available key bindings for boats or for the "Carmina (The Plane)" vehicle
Description: Players are unable to customise controls for boats or Nick Rye's wingless plane
Status: Fixed

[PC] Feedback is missing from the benchmark in multi-monitor display
Description: When playing Far Cry New Dawn over multiple monitors, PC players will not see some benchmarking information.
Status: Fixed
Workaround: Running the game on a single monitor will allow benchmarking information to be displayed.

[PC] Game doesn't launch if CPU has more than 8 cores/16 threads
Status: Fixed

[PC] Game stutters when autosaving
Description: In some cases, the game's framerate can drop when saving data, particularly during autosave
Status: Will not fix
Workaround: This stutter can be related to the low speed of the hard drive/SSD or the CPU load. Players experiencing this issue should reduce the visual settings of the game.

Please report any issues that are not mentioned here on the relevant Technical Support section or get in touch with our support team.