I didn't make it in time to post in the closed beta forums, so posting here because I really wanted to leave some feedback.
(I'm not sure what changes are planned for the final game, sorry if I am relaying feedback which is unneeded)

I thoroughly enjoyed the closed beta; there were a few bugs here and there but nothing game breaking:
- At some point during sandbox mode one of the farmers build menu disappeared (I worked around this by switching the menu view to types rather than classes).
- Some of the build menus had no icons (I assume they just haven't been added yet).

Suggestions for the final game (again, apologies in advance, not sure what changes are currently planned):
- I'd love to see a more in-depth trade interface in regards to buying/ selling goods at your warehouse. What I really liked in Anno 1404 is that you could set the price, see who has bought what and how much money you made/ lost from the transaction.
- I REALLY liked the New World. I would absolutely love to see the New World settlements have a little bit more individuality; Have 3+ citizen tiers, unique ornaments, unique ships/ shipyards, unique disasters (ie. revolution/ independence war). I'd personally like to feel as though my New World settlement has the potential to be on par with my Old World one, and even have the option to start in the New World (somewhat similar to the ecos/ tycoons system in 2070). You probably already have this planned for future DLC but it would be really cool to have additional sectors in African, Indian, Indonesian, or Chinese themed environments and build trading posts (I feel this was kind of alluded to with the addition of Princess Qing).
- Diplomacy was for the most part good in my opinion. I wanted to see insults/ compliments more fleshed out so I knew why I was losing or gaining reputation. I would sometimes get randomly insuted and I wouldn't know why.
- I never had an issue with save games, but I wanted to save manually. The automatic saving made me a bit nervous and I usually waited for an auto-save before quitting.
- The make-your-own player/ corporation was a nice touch. I would like the corporation to be the player profile (similar to 1404 sorry for all the throwbacks) so achievements/ unlockables are with you every game and you feel like the corporation is progressing.

Thank you, again I really enjoyed the closed beta and I can't wait for the game to release!