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    I was hoping someone at Ubisoft might be able to pass these on to developers, but a couple of changes (some big some small) that might help increase enjoyment:

    1. If the game is drawn i think it would make sense to have both players go to the lockers, but each only gets one free locker before paying (like many sports 3 points for a win 1 for a draw). It would also mean if there was something they really wanted they would have to spend more dollars to get it (potentially). It feels like a win-win and would make draws feel way less pointless.

    2. To combat de-ranking you could move the end of a legendary season to mid-week (thurs maybe), rather than at the end of the weekend. then there will be an incentive at least that week to maintain a high rank. Furthermore if you cut the rewards, and increase frequency of legendary seasons then the incentive gets stronger. If the season was a weekly event ending Thursday and the weekend event started Friday, there would almost be no time to de-rank at all.

    3. Minor point on Inuit Kenny. His deathwish should hurt the New Kid, if the New Kid kills him. Firstly this would differentiate him from Cyborg more, secondly would add a real tactical element if your New Kid is weak and the other guy plays Inuit. Currently if your new kid is weak, facing a Cyborg Kenny is much worse as you have to swarm or spell, upgrading Inuits deathwish would stop anyone using spell, and cause issue if the zap gets him. Given his legendary status this seems pretty fair. How much damage the NK gets is something to play with.

    Would love to hear your thoughts guys
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    Hey! They don't take kindly to folks with good ideas around here!
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    No way! Player ideas are great. I know I always enjoy reading them, and I always pass on as much as I can to our team for future consideration. There's a lot here I can send on to them, so thanks very much.
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    I'm all for the draw receiving one free locker. I hate draws. Its a waste of 4 minutes with no compensation, especially when you're grinding during a token event.
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