Hey guys, this time I show you a 5 man strat on how to defend Bar and Cocktail Lounge on the map Kafe with the operators: Mira, Kaid, Castle, Jager and Valkyrie in Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion.

Mira begins by going upstairs to Piano and reinforcing the hatch, before moving into Bathroom and reinforcing the left-hand side of the West wall and placing her first Mirror Window. She then rotates back down to Train and places her last Mirror Window on the left-hand side of the double door to Mining, which Kaid will reinforce and this is where she will play to anchor Mining.

Kaid runs through and barricades the two doors in Library before heading back into Train and reinforcing the walls either side of the double door to Mining. He then Impact Grenades a rotation either side and then plays in Train with Mira so he can Kaid trick the hatch.

Castle begins by Impacting a hole in the left-hand side of the wall from Train to Fireplace before putting his first Castle Barricade on the double door from Train to Mining. His second Castle Barricade goes on the Mining to Lobby door and then he goes up Red Stairs and reinforces the two walls into Piano. He then Impact Grenades the bench in the South West corner of Piano and Castles himself into Bathroom, where he will play behind the Mirror Window to protect Piano and the hatch.

Jager starts by placing his first ADS in Mining, opposite the Castle Barricade from Train to Mining, to protect it from Grenades. His first piece of Barbed Wire goes in the double door of Mining to Red Hall and his second ADS goes outside the Castle Barricade on the Mining to Lobby door. He rotates up White Stairs and places his second Barbed Wire at the top before placing his final ADS in the South East corner of Piano, where he will play to help to protect the hatch with Castle.

Valkyrie shoots a hole in the wall at the end of Red Hall and places her first Valkyrie Cam in it, allowing it to see Red Hall and Lobby. She then places her second Valkyrie Cam in Fireplace before reinforcing the two East walls of Fireplace. Her third Valk Cam goes under the table in the corner between White Stairs and Library and Valkyrie then plays downstairs, where she can flank, C4 Fireplace and run-out on the South windows.