It would be a very nice quality of life improvement. With the shortened TTK and the far higher density of mobs, we are going to be dying a lot more often when in the LZ. Perhaps when we are all level 30 the ratio will change compared to level 7 but judging from the beta, this is going to be the new reality.

And since we can only respawn at the special designated safehouses and settlements, it’s needlessly time consuming to spawn so deep in the bases and have to run out of the mazes to get back on the streets. This game is doing the “no loading screens” route which is great but it ends up being hidden behind long drawn out walks.

A simple solution would just having the option of “spawn in base/spawn at gate.” It’s not as big a deal as the audio cut outs and the visual glitches but it’s still worth talking about since it’s an easy fix they can implement.