First of all, after the Alpha a lot of work was done. Now it’s a really good optimized game, at least for my hardware. Even not waited such from Beta. Changes in settings affect FPS, but there are no drops, freezes, etc.
After Alpha I posted my wishes for the drone control. And now control and presets was implemented as desired. Thank you !
The mission after the main game showed that the developers want to make a more hi-tech game. Robodogs look powerful. Maybe it makes sense to add the ability to intercept control over them, at least for a short period of time? With the help of a drone or other device. This will add some additional space for tactics. Even possible to overload temporarily their processor, and during a reboot they will attack any nearest target, no matter agent or enemy.
If it's still not too late. About the main character animation. Fast run looks unnatural, at least for female character. More looks like she pedaling a bicycle. The animation in the first part was better.
During the test the character was created randomly. I hope the final version will be a full-fledged editor. Because the character is creating for hundreds or even thousands of hours.