Before I start to list my thoughts, I want to say I think this has the potential to be a great game and I look forward to seeing how things are when it ships next month.


Illumination needs to be adjusted across the board. The daylight is a bit too bright, and the night is too dark in many places. Also some of the indoor areas can be very dark and hard to see in .

Enemyand friendly recognition needs some work, it is hard to tell them at a distance, and the enemies tend to get lost in the backgroup when you firght them,

I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but for a while there was a constant sound similar to the rc cars that get sent toward you. Then at some point saturday all sound just went away for most things and all day sunday there was no sound when fighting. I spent 9 hours trying to do the endgame mission with no sound and never could finish it.

The aiming reticle needs to be a different color, or the player needs to be given the choice to change it. The default one gets lost in the enviorment (which is also a problem in the original).

The font size on the looted material/trinket needs to be larger so it can be read easily.

There needs to be an ability to adjust the screen size so that tips and other game info isn't lost,

Lost a supply drop because I ran into an invisible wall I couldn't get around (drop was less then 30 feet away).

A toggle for walk/ run would be nice. I know that you can adjust it by the amount you move the stick, but a toggle would make more sense I think.


The graphics are great and the city looks amazing.

The color palate is very nice and interesting.

The enemies are interesting and challanging.

I like that many of the controls are the same as the original game, so it's very easy to start playing.

I like the idea of having to retake or defend the control points.

I loved the exploration aspect of the game, it was great to find collectibles in places you didn't expect them.

Again I just want to say that I am very impressed and can't wait to see what you put out when it ships.

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