platform: PS4

1. Player movement seems unnatural and too weighty. Need to at least fix this for PvE. Are you leaving it that way to stop the chicken dance in PvP? May be ok for normalized mode only.

2. Had problems when running where reload of weapon did not work. Also, when taking damage was not able to run heals. Again, fix in PvE, and leave it in normalized mode.

3. Liked the fact that there is no more face-tanking enemies. However, the higher level gold bar enemies have very long TTK even after you hit their weak points in level 30. Plus, some are able to heal themselves (i.e. big guy with Gatling Gun)! It gets even worst when scaled up. Had to quickly unload more than 5 clips to do any real sustained damage in team of four.. Eight players would be terrible at that rate! Feels like D1 1.3 level incursion TTK.

4. Enemies in the invaded mission were able to cross walls and shoot us from outside of the playable map.. i.e. Garage area in level 30 invaded mission. We were able to shoot them through the walls as well.

5. Sniper rifle scope mechanics seems to jerky. When you ADS why does it force the view into hip fire mode the second you pull the trigger? Noticed this on more than just the sharpshooter build weapons. Again is this a PvP issue? Keep it in for normalized mode only.

6. Answering the many 'Agent asking for Assistance' calls got very tiresome. Too many screens to go through to answer quickly! There needs to be a radius setting for this: the Active area seemed to be all throughout the entire map in the game. I joined some that were way off the current objective (i.e. light zone to DZ areas, etc.). On the other side of it, only a few times did someone join my session to help.

7. Liked the ability for the nearest civilian patrols to be called in to help (via flair gun), and the fact that they are more effective than JTF in D1. Can we also trade with the civilian leader to make them even better? For example give them our extra gear and weapons (like with companions in Fallout4)?

8. Failed Bounty targets should at least be repeatable once you restock up the control point. My character died in the first attempt, after restocking the same control point no bounty was offered.

9. The Enemy precision of attack drones and Grenade launchers is too high. And there is a high level of spamming this ability: made level 30 almost unplayable.

10. The specialized weapons seemed underwhelming. And specialized ammo drop rate was too low. I ran the level 30 invaded mission more than ten times and almost always got no specialized ammo.

11. Gear set diversity of drops seemed almost static. In all, I got pieces from 13 gear sets after playing all four characters for 3 days), however only half of the sets came in at level 7 character (got up to pink level drops).

12. Would like to see blueprints for gear sets and all mod components made available. Getting the right rolls even after collecting more than 10 of the same gear set piece was not happening.